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Foundation Repair Services

We serve the residential and commercial sectors, repairing foundations and providing lifetime solutions to your problems.

Our mission is to resolve your foundation problems and protect your property. At Professional Foundation Repair, LLC, our experts are trained and experienced in restoring damaged foundations of all types. Whether it’s fixing a small slab crack or raising and levelling a massive foundation, we‘re cost-effective and professional. We offer simple solutions to complex foundation problems. The earlier you involve us in the process, the more we can help you.

Structural strength is a very central part of your property. When your foundation is threatened, you need to act fast. We use supplies that will stand the test of time.

Our foundation repair service can address a selection of problems to your property. This includes the most common problem of foundation settlement, where your home sinks into the ground with nothing to support its weight. This can also cause floor cracks, depending on which area of your home is sinking and which area is still remaining in place.

As a licensed, bonded and insured service, Professional Foundation Repair, LLC has the knowledge and experience you need when contracting someone to work on your property. Whether you contact us about foundation crack repair or termite damage repair, you have the protection and peace of mind that comes from working with a licensed, bonded and insured contractor.

Foundation Repair Guidelines

  • Do you have cracks in your brick?
  • Are there cracks in your Sheetrock?
  • Are your doors and windows out of square or sticking?
  • Do you feel spongy or shaky spots on your floors?
  • Do you have termite damage?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may have foundation problems.

Our Foundation Repair Services Include:

Slab repair

  • Pilings
  • House raising and leveling
  • Wall and crack repair

Pier and beam

  • Sill replacement
  • Joist replacement
  • Rotten floor replacement
  • Raising and leveling
  • Termite damage repair

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